This Month At Polarity: Your TL;DR Guide to our Community.

At Polarity, we know you are busy and can't always keep up with all the happenings around here.  So monthly, we’ll put together a few things we thought you wouldn't want to miss. Here you will find short game reviews, tips and tricks, new game content and community happenings. So what do we need from you? We need to know what's going on. We need to know if you reached affiliate or partner this month.  If you have a clip with other community members of some epic play (or failure). What are you hyped about? What are you hoping we cover?

Connect with any of the @Community Owners and let us know.

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Polarity's People


A gaming network like Polarity isn't all games.  It's also about the people too. DM @Treefrog to share news.


Polarity Birthdays!

@Treefrog had a birthday and is now The answer to ‘Life! The Universe! Everything!’


Polarity wedding anniversary!

THE_ON3 celebrated his first wedding anniversary this September.

He says his wife is amazing. A very loving woman who is always by my side, and as cliche as this sounds, is my other half. When she walked down the aisle, at that moment I knew everything was going to be okay. That from that day forward, we were in this together.

Advice for other newlyweds:

‘don't give up, it's all about finding solutions and compromise. You have a partner that is there to help you, you don't have to do it alone. Sure there will be disagreements but understand that the other person is there to bring out the best in you. Own up to mistakes, it's part of being human.’

Polarity job promotions!

Captain Splash got a promotion!  Whoo hoo! He says it doesn’t really mean much, but does let him gain job experience, so we are declaring it a win!

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Polarity Community Article by TheCajunBuddha

PGN Community, let me ask you something. Do you sleep? Have a job? Go to school (college/highschool/any other type of schooling)? And most importantly, do you love playing video games?

As some of you know, I work at UPS every morning. I wake up at three a.m. and work from four a.m. to nine a.m. Monday through Friday. Monday through Thursday I go from work to school until about 2 pm. ALSO, I absolutely love playing video games and joining my community to play with them as much as I can. Before I joined UPS I played all the time, I joined up with the community for Destiny 2 raids, Siege matches, and much more. I had much more time; I could stay up as late as I wanted and could basically do whatever I wanted on weekdays. Now, I barely have time to enjoy my gaming life. Unless I have no homework, I can only play on weekends. During the week, I am usually in bed by seven p.m. so i can get at least eight hours of sleep. Without sleep, I can’t do anything.

The point I am trying to make is that with anything that you do, you need sleep. Don’t let the fun of gaming, or the stress of work and school take you away from your sleep. There have been many nights where I’ve wanted to stay up and play with my friends, but I had to remember that sometimes there are bigger priorities than gaming. Gaming is amazingly fun, and a great hobby to have; without gaming I wouldn’t have met the amazing people that I have. With that being said, you have to find your own personal time frame of when you can game.

Without my job, I would not have the funds to play games at all, so I take that step back to go to sleep in order to wake up at a good time for my job. The game will always be there, whether I play it later tonight, tomorrow, or the weekend, the game will never leave. I’m in school to get a different kind of job, a career. I’m planning for my future. If I miss my job, or skip an important class, or don’t study for a big test, because I stayed up too late to play video games, I could lose everything important to me.

In conclusion, I want all of you to be able to game with us here at Polarity as much as you possibly can. However, your personal life outside of the game world should ALWAYS come first!


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Polarity Community Game Night Changes Announcment!

game night

Community Game Night Recap & Future Schedule

September was an interesting month as we had a charity event take place instead of one of our usual game nights, but have no fear, as we will be back at full strength this next month and be trying out a new game in the rotation.

We started off the month with a friendly session of Golf with your Friends. This time around scores varied greatly and no one player dominated the rounds. We did have a few strange glitches affect a few players in hilarious yet sad ways (Sorry Tree) and we played what is probably the absolute worst map ever designed for the game.

The next week we brought out an oldie but it went well. Prop hunt never fails to create some ridiculous situations, and some of us literally couldn't stop laughing as we watched the hunters circle around one of our very cleverly hidden teammates, but completely fail to find them.

The third week saw the return of community favorite SCP Secret Laboratory, and once again some of us had a good night while others may or may not have needed new undies.

The fourth & final Saturday of September was taken up instead by our Destiny 2 Charity Stream for Alzheimer's! Thank you to everyone that tuned in and/or donated! The team raised a total of $250 dollars which is absolutely amazing! 

October’s Schedule will be as follows:

10/5 - Supraball*

10/12 - *NEW* PlanetSide Arena

10/19 - Golf With Your Friends*

10/26 - SCP: Secret Laboratory

*Subject to change*

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Supported Streamer Program Launches 

Polarity Gaming Network is proud to announce the launch of the Supported Stream Program! That’s right the time is finally here. We are rolling out the system this month. Below you can find the requirements to apply for the program, along with the application form, and  the benefits of this program for content creators. 

Benefits offered currently by Polarity

  • Automated Announcement of “Going Live” within the Polarity Gaming Network Discord

  • Custom Auto-Host on the Polarity Gaming Network Content Channels, when Live events are not currently active

    • Must be under 240 characters, including username, URL and @ everyone

    • Can be changed a maximum of 4 times per calendar year

    • Send new wording with 48 hours notice to Boktai

  • Private Voice-Lobby for yourself and viewers to be issued upon request

    • Must request 24 hours in advance with a Polarity Owner

  • Access to Polarity Gaming Network Promotional/Marketing Material including

    • Polarity Gaming Network Animated Stream Banner

    • Twitch Panel

    • VIP Live Stream Support

    • Priority Spots in Polarity Gaming Network Produced Content

  • Sponsorship with brands & early game access keys will be offered as provided, more information will be provided via DM on Discord as opportunities become available. 

In order to qualify, community members must meet 3 of the following 4 criteria:

  • Affiliate or Partner on Twitch
    Due to current integration limitations within Polarity Gaming Network only Twitch streamers are viable applicants. Future integration may become available subject to demand.  Contact a community owner to discuss.

  • Active member of the Polarity Gaming Network Community
    Communicating in text chats, voice chats, and indiscriminate inclusion of other members.

  • Optimized and maintained production quality within limitations of hardware and Twitch requirements
    If quality of production is satisfactory to Twitch but not with Polarity staff you must be willing to work with them to improve settings, etc.

  • Active social media related to your Twitch presence
    Includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, or personal Discord Community.

In addition, you must demonstrate:

  • Outstanding Stream Etiquette
    Includes but is not limited to: interacting with stream chat, hosting/raiding at end of streams, constant awareness when streaming, proper scenes for at least live, be right back, and ending.

    Avoiding direct competition with official Polarity Gaming Network community live content creation.

  • Consistent personality and quality of content representative of Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct
    Must meet all community guidelines within the Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct. Violations of code may result in temporary suspension of Supported Streamer service variable up to permanent removal from said program. 


Application Process

  1. Submissions will be reviewed by at least three Polarity Owners and may take up to two weeks for approval.

  2. All approved streamers will be sent Polarity Gaming Network’s Supported Streamer Packet, which includes additional terms and conditions, immediately upon approval. Benefits of the program will commence immediately.

  3. Streamers who are not approved may re-apply at least 24 hours after the denial is received.  You may request further feedback from Polarity Owners and may be able to request some mentor-ship, which will be made available at the discretion of the owners. You may apply a maximum of twice per calendar year.

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Community Gaming News & Tech Reviews!

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Archeage Unchanied by @Hop

Archeage: September 20th, Gamigo came online to issue a notice of delay for Archeage. The new release date is October 15th and will give the the developers more time to adjust the game for release. Coming with this will be a long PTS time as everyone will have access to it starting on September 30th. Content creators and those interested in seeing the changes being made to Unchained will have ample time to create guides. Go out there and have some fun on the PTS!!!

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy PC Release by @Ishwa

This last month it finally happened. I finally got to experience the from-the-ground-up remake of one of my childhood favorites, as I refused to buy it for Xbox or PlayStation this time last year...I wanted the definitive experience. I wanted those beautiful Ultra graphics settings and high frame rates. I was only met with slight disappointment in the latter part of that, but regardless, the wait was worth it. I’m talking about the Spyro Reignited Trilogy my friends.

Spyro, for some of us, is one of the first platformers we may have played as a child (depending on your age here) and it brought back all the joy it gave me almost 20 years ago. The Reignited Trilogy is a complete remake of the first 3 (and only important *cough*) games in the series: Spyro The Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

The games have all of their original levels and story content left intact, but the engine, visuals, audio, etc. is all new, and oh boy is it gorgeous. It feels like a playable Pixar movie. It hit the perfect mark of upgrading but remaining true to the original. It is for me 100% worth the wait, and has set a new bar in terms of what a remake should be. The game play is smooth, small changes were made to the control scheme to fit more modern customs. The original soundtrack is available in the game as well as the “reignited” version. The voice of Spyro was once again delivered by none other than Tom Kenny (Best known as Spongebob) as he re-recorded all 3 games’ voice lines for Spyro and also reprises his role as Sgt. James Byrd in Spyro 3.

Now I better mention the few small hiccups. In the original Spyro The Dragon, a few of the enemies have their animations tied to the frame rate, and one of the levels is literally impossible unless you cap the game’s framerate to 30 FPS. Clearly this issue does not exist on any of the console editions, as they are all locked to 30 FPS anyway. I managed to play the rest of the game at 60FPS and got my 120% completion.

Spyro 2 seemed to be unaffected by this issue, and I was able to play the entire game start to finish at 60FPS, getting my 100% (no above 100% for Spyro 2) completion. As of the time of writing, I haven't started my play through of Year of the Dragon, but oh boy am I excited to. The game had so many memorable activities/mini games (SKATEBOARDING) and characters that just talking about it makes me feel like I’m 7 years old again.

My final verdict? $40 might seem like a steep price for a 20 year old game, but for not one, but three games, that have been so masterfully rebuilt from scratch & improved, it is in my honest opinion 100% worth it. Now available in this months Humble Subscription options along with Crash Bandicoot.

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