This Month At Polarity: Your TL;DR Guide to our Community.

At Polarity, we know you are busy and can't always keep up with all the happenings around here.  So monthly, we’ll put together a few things we thought you wouldn't want to miss. Here you will find short game reviews, tips and tricks, new game content and community happenings. So what do we need from you? We need to know what's going on. We need to know if you reached affiliate or partner this month.  If you have a clip with other community members of some epic play (or failure). What are you hyped about? What are you hoping we cover?

Connect with any of the @Community Owners and let us know.

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Community Info!

Squad up

Do’s and Dont’s of the Squad Up Voice Channels!

With the increase of members in the Polarity Community, thanks to the efforts of our amazing content creators, we wanted to take a moment and remind everyone about the Squad Up Voice Channels. 

Polarity Gaming Network implemented the Squad Up voice channels to provide the community temporary private voice channels for users.  The system creates a voice channel for the user and their friends when joining “Squad Up (Join to Create)” . By default, it will create the channel based off your username, however, you are free to change the name to the game you are playing. To do so, just click the cog wheel by your channel name and type in the name you want and hit save. We also want to remind the community about the rules pertaining to the Squad Up Channels.

Squad Up Voice Channels Rules:

  • Squad Up channels are semi private channels, please respect this and do not join them unless invited. If you are asked to leave the channel you must do so!

  • You can ask to join via #all-chat with an @ the user that created the channel or via DM on discord.

  • We appreciate the importance of everyone being able to use voice communications and chat at the same time. However, due to the number of voice users, if your mic picks up a lot of misc background noise, including room noise, conversations, etc., you may be asked to go to push to talk. This is not punishment but to help to reduce background noise.

  • If you use voice communications with an open mic, please do not eat, or drink with your mic on open comms. This  can be deemed as rude. Please mute your mic before you eat or drink.

  • Failure to comply with guidance or instruction of a staff or admin may result in being muted or banned.

  • Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning/mute/kick or ban depending on the severity and situation.

Remember you can always reference #🚨server-rules on the Polarity discord server if you're unsure on any of the community rules! 




Polarity is looking for Community Leaders!

Polarity Gaming Network is taking off, with new members joining the discord every day! We are currently looking for active community members for the new Community Leader position, with the specific title still being up in the air. This position will be part of the path of moving up in the community. We are looking for members to help us with ideas and enhancements for the community; helping organize and run community game nights; support discord members and more. If you are interested in applying for this position please DM a Polarity Owner for more information.


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Polarity's People


A gaming network like Polarity isn't all games.  It's also about the people too. DM @Treefrog to share news.

Polarity Birthdays!

Polarity Community wants to wish Happy Birthdays to @Boktai, @Veric, @Zyvx, @Thadius, & @Bombercanuck 

Polarity Member News!

One of our awesome Polarity Staff members has big news! @Thadius, who is going to be a Dadius for the first time in February! We’ll get to welcome a new little future gamer to our community!

Polarity Discord Nitro Boosters!

A big thank you from everyone here at Polarity Gaming Network, to those members of the community that have nitro subscriptions on discord. With the implementation of being able to boost a server of your choice the following members boosted the Polarity Community discord to status level 2 with one day of the service being out. Allowing Polarity Gaming Community to offer more emote slots, custom landing page, server banner, and higher quality voice channels when need. 

The following members provided the Polarity Server with a nitro boost!

@Alec, @Boktai, @Brockiebrock, @Zyvx, @Ishwa, @Hop, @DovahGoose, @C0ppert0ne, @KingTushyy, @SpiritChunker, @Aaking, @Frakture, @Kajesan 


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Polarity Community Game Night!

game night

This month’s community nights saw players goofing off together for a few hours in Supraball & Gary’s Mod – Trouble in Terrorist Town.

The first community night had community members playing the free to play stick-man soccer insanity known as Supraball. We spent a few hours beating each other around, passing the ball both well and badly at times, kicking it out into orbit, and occasionally curving a shot or two into the goal as intended. Good fun was had by most if not all, and Alec may or may not have been taking it easy on all of us the entire time. >.>

In our second community game night this month, we were tasked with trying to outsmart each other in a battle of what I can only describe as an awkward combination of both wits and stupidity. Trouble in terrorist town is basically the hybrid of town of Salem or "mafia", and counter-strike, so some shenanigans definitely went down. Community members both trusted and betrayed each other repeatedly over the three hour game period, and I think I can safely say that this is a game I can see us playing again in the very near future. I may or may not have literally back stabbed my friends several times too. >.>

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the #community-suggestions channel  for community game night and the #community-announcements channel on discord for information on community game nights!

Watch PolarityGN on twitch or announcements in discord for community games and times.

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Community Twitch News!

Trolls on Twitch

This month we have a very special blog post written by @Treefrog about dealing with trolls on Twitch.

Head over to https://twap.polaritygaming.com/troll/


Supported Streamer Program Launches 

Polarity Gaming Network is proud to announce the launch of the Supported Stream Program! That’s right the time is finally here. We are rolling out the system this month. Below you can find the requirements to apply for the program, along with the application form, and  the benefits of this program for content creators. 

Benefits offered currently by Polarity

  • Automated Announcement of “Going Live” within the Polarity Gaming Network Discord

  • Custom Auto-Host on the Polarity Gaming Network Content Channels, when Live events are not currently active

    • Must be under 240 characters, including username, URL and @ everyone

    • Can be changed a maximum of 4 times per calendar year

    • Send new wording with 48 hours notice to Boktai

  • Private Voice-Lobby for yourself and viewers to be issued upon request

    • Must request 24 hours in advance with a Polarity Owner

  • Access to Polarity Gaming Network Promotional/Marketing Material including

    • Polarity Gaming Network Animated Stream Banner

    • Twitch Panel

    • VIP Live Stream Support

    • Priority Spots in Polarity Gaming Network Produced Content

  • Sponsorship with brands & early game access keys will be offered as provided, more information will be provided via DM on Discord as opportunities become available. 

In order to qualify, community members must meet 3 of the following 4 criteria:

  • Affiliate or Partner on Twitch
    Due to current integration limitations within Polarity Gaming Network only Twitch streamers are viable applicants. Future integration may become available subject to demand.  Contact a community owner to discuss.

  • Active member of the Polarity Gaming Network Community
    Communicating in text chats, voice chats, and indiscriminate inclusion of other members.

  • Optimized and maintained production quality within limitations of hardware and Twitch requirements
    If quality of production is satisfactory to Twitch but not with Polarity staff you must be willing to work with them to improve settings, etc.

  • Active social media related to your Twitch presence
    Includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, or personal Discord Community.

In addition, you must demonstrate:

  • Outstanding Stream Etiquette
    Includes but is not limited to: interacting with stream chat, hosting/raiding at end of streams, constant awareness when streaming, proper scenes for at least live, be right back, and ending.

    Avoiding direct competition with official Polarity Gaming Network community live content creation.

  • Consistent personality and quality of content representative of Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct
    Must meet all community guidelines within the Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct. Violations of code may result in temporary suspension of Supported Streamer service variable up to permanent removal from said program. 


Application Process

  1. Submissions will be reviewed by at least three Polarity Owners and may take up to two weeks for approval.

  2. All approved streamers will be sent Polarity Gaming Network’s Supported Streamer Packet, which includes additional terms and conditions, immediately upon approval. Benefits of the program will commence immediately.

  3. Streamers who are not approved may re-apply at least 24 hours after the denial is received.  You may request further feedback from Polarity Owners and may be able to request some mentor-ship, which will be made available at the discretion of the owners. You may apply a maximum of twice per calendar year.

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Community Gaming News & Reviews!

The Joys of Open World Exploration Games @Brockiebrock

Harking back to the days of our ancestors, exploration is in our DNA. As humans, we are now looking to the stars to explore thanks to the efforts of citizens like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Which brings me to my joy for exploration games.I thrill at the fact I can get in my spaceship or airship, set a heading and go where the winds take me. Those of you who know me, know I fell in love with open world exploration in the game Worlds Adrift, and now I’m truly hooked. Exploration games seem to tick everything I’ve been looking for in a game as of late.

I won’t dive in to many details of why this psychologically works for us as humans, but there are plenty of articles if you want to Google why this game genre is so popular. However, if you find yourself exploring every inch, every corner of the games you’re currently playing allow me to recommend some of my favorite Exploration Games at the moment. Hopefully they will satiate that exploration desire wired into your DNA. 


  • Ark (Dinos + Exploring, enough said)

  • No Man’s Sky (Space + Exploring always a win win)

  • Conan Exiles (Fantasy, Dragons, Arnold Schwarzenegger Role Play)

  • Space Engineers (Math + Vehicle Building + Space a true Nerd Day Dream)

  • Subnautica (Deep Water Exploration + Scary Monsters + Amazing Story Can be Linear if speed running)

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The time has come, everyone; the Final Fantasy 14 expansion Shadowbringers is here! Starting June 28th members who have preordered the expansion will have early access to the game. The world of Eorzea will forever change, as we find out so much of what was playing out right in front of us the whole time. The hype in the community among FF14 players is boiling over.


Polarity’s FF14 Free Company is still open for recruitment and growing by the day going into the expansion release.

I want to briefly touch on the new classes coming out and changes being made to current classes. If you’re new to the game or a returning player to the FF14 world in the Polarity community make sure to let us know, so we can explore the world of Ezora together!




Role: Tank

Armour: Plate armor

Starting Level: 60 

Starting Location: New Gridania 

The Gunbreaker is the master of the gunblade – a ludicrously improbable but effortlessly cool weapon most famously wielded by Squall Leonhart in Final Fantasy VIII. The job will sit alongside Warrior, Paladin and Dark Knight as the game’s fourth Tank class.

It’s clear that anyone who has played one of the other Tank jobs in FF will find playing Gunbreaker immediately familiar. You’ll have a single target and area of effect rotation for tanking, in addition to other damage mitigation skills.

One of the job’s unique mechanics is the ability to load cartridges into your Gunblade after completing certain attack combos. These can then be unloaded to weave in a number of special attacks during combat to dish out more damage or help you hold aggro better. Overall, the Gunbreaker doesn’t drastically change the tanking routine in FFXIV, but does offer some variety for those who have already mastered the role.


Role: Ranged DPS

Starting Level: 60 

Starting Location: Limsa Lominsa 

The Dancer’s rich history as a healer in Final Fantasy V and XI, many expected the FFXIV Dancer Job to become the game’s fourth healer. Instead, they will be a ranged DPS, alongside Bard and Machinist. However, Dancer also boasts a support role. By throwing sweet shapes during battle you can not only buff yourself but empower your allies.

This mechanic is performed through amusing little Guitar-Hero-style mini-games that task you with matching dance moves on the screen to activate your buffs. By assigning a party member as your dance partner you can share the benefits, along with other temporary boons to improve damage, defense, and more with them.

New Races coming to Eorza:


Shadowbringers will add the Viera as a new race to Final Fantasy XIV. This lithe, rabbit-eared humanoid race will be familiar to anyone who has played Final Fantasy XII or Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Fran, who was one of the main party members in the former release, popped up in the recent part of the Return to Ivalice raid, suggesting that the Viera race would be coming to the game soon. Viera are a female-only race.


Square Enix is also adding the Hrothgar race to Final Fantasy XIV as part of their third expansion. These fierce beasts share a few similarities to the Ronso from Final Fantasy X, including the horns we can spot in the reveal trailer. The Hrothgar will be gender-locked as a male-only race.

Plus new zones, raids, and more! 

Current job Changes:
I will leave you with this link to Larryzur’s playlist with changes to the current jobs.

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My Friend Pedro @C0ppert0ne

Blood, bullets, and a banana, what in the world could those have in common? Well a wonderfully orchestrated bullet ballet with crazy mechanics and story with a variety of guns to choose from plus levels that can let your imagination take control.

You awake with no knowledge of yourself, where you are, or what is happening. The only person to greet you is your friend Pedro the banana. Pedro then takes you through the tutorials of the game play, learning how to use the basics such as dodging or rolling into deeper mechanics like focus and split shot. Story is a distant item of interest as the game play is where the game thrives, from kicking parts of a recently killed enemy to kill another, kicking frying pans to achieve great ricochet kills, or riding a skateboard going for fast quick kills.

With the story only taking 4 hours to beat, replay-ability will highly be based on if you enjoy going for high scores, personal or leader board, or S ranking every level. I enjoyed the game play most of all even if I missed out on some of the score boosting items around the ground such as frying pans, but it allowed me to know where to look for such things next play through. While it can take a lot for me to replay a game I may have to give this one a chance as it’s a short adventure rather than a long story.

Question is can I recommend this game for everyone? At a twenty U.S. dollar price tag, it comes down to how you judge a games worth, I personally judge based on a dollar per hour scale with exceptions based on story and such. I can see myself maybe getting close to my target. It really boils down to if you are the type to want to get higher ranks on each level to achieve fame on the leader board. MFP is a great game and if game play is your jam then get it play it and be amazed but you will find little story here.

8/10 will play again. 

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New Polarity Mincraft Server Update! @Alec

Hello everyone! We are at that time of the month again to talk about what I have been playing like a maniac recently.

This month I have been crazy for Minecraft. A group of Polarity staff have been working hard to create an adventure-filled experience for everyone on our community Minecraft server. The number of things to do on our server is astonishing. You can play it like its normal Minecraft, or you can explore deep and treacherous dungeons, explore different worlds with unique enemy types, fight giant bosses, and earn powerful rewards to make your character even stronger.

We have also been working hard on interactive systems in-game to make your experience even better. Recently, we launched our Polarity Grand Exchange, where players can trade in-game currency for items like building materials and survival supplies Currently we are working on an mmo raid-like experience, involving a delving dungeon filled with very strong monsters and bosses, all to earn amazing loot!

If you are interested in joining the server, there are detailed instructions on how to join in the Minecraft discord text chat. If you have trouble getting in or have any questions, feel free to message me @Alec (CRO) or @Altered and we will gladly help you join the server! We hope you join us in the adventure!

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Ark’s Newest Map: Valguero @Ishwa

This month’s release of Valguero is yet another story of mod map gone official. Valguero started off as a simple mod map project, which proved popular and well made enough that Wildcard took notice. Valguero is the first free DLC map to feature content from the Aberration paid expansion without the need to purchase it. It is not as large as past DLC maps (Ragnarok holds that title still) but it’s larger than the original “The Island” map. It has several different biomes, including the typical frozen north and swamp areas we’re used to. One of its largest sections is dominated by the redwood forest biome, which on previous maps has been relatively small, and it also shows a pretty neat new type of area that is not covered in snow, but is home to several creatures usually only found in the snowy areas.

The creatures of the map are mostly the same vanilla stuff we’re used to, with a few exceptions. The Ice Wyverns previously exclusive to the Ragnarok map have made an appearance, even having a trench all their own. Out of the three main types of Wyverns that were previously available on Scorched Earth and on Ragnarok, only one has made a return: the Fire Wyvern. I won’t be the one to spoil where this creature can be found on the map, as it’s a little bit of a surprise, but trust me, they’re there.

Moving on to the most important parts of this free DLC - the very reasons to play this DLC vs say Ragnarok, The Center, or even the official maps - the unique stuff. Firstly, let's talk about the inclusion of Aberration content. Somewhere on the surface of Valguero a few special openings that lead to an underground cave system that is essentially the Aberration Map. Not all of the content has come over (sorry no Rock Drakes or Reapers folks) but a large amount of it has, and it’s very nice to not have to jump map to map, server to server, to experience more content. 

The second unique part of this DLC, is the new creature: Deinonychus.The Deino as I’ll be calling it, is a feathery raptor-looking creature, that functions very similar to the Raptor, but has a few new quirks. It is a one-person mountable creature that can jump and latch onto other larger creatures, allowing it to attack from the relative safety of their back (looking at you Monster Hunter players) and has a bleed effect that can be applied, making it possibly a very formidable foes in numbers. It’s jump and climb ability also works on walls/cliffs to scale terrain and structures with relative ease. That being said, the feature doesn’t work quite how I believe most players would have wanted, as it can’t freely crawl on a surface, but must jump repeatedly to scale. All in all, it’s an interesting new creature, but it is unlikely to affect the overall gameplay nearly as much as larger past introductions such as the above-mentioned Wyverns.

Wildcard maintains a nice balance of new content and novel creatures, with some past favourites with the addition of Valguero.  If you haven’t picked up Ark in a while, this free DLC might just be the reason to dust it off.

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GuardianCon @Zyvxgaming

In the modern world, cancer is one of those things that’s tough to talk about. There have been massive breakthroughs with the treatment of cancer and significant leaps in our knowledge regarding how it affects the human body. But cancer is still one of those things that is a scary thought in the back of many people's minds

Foundations like St. Jude, and MD Anderson do so much in research and treatment but since they are almost completely funded by donations, little can be done without help. That’s where GuardianCon comes in. GuardianCon was built by a community of streamers/content creators to help raise funds to benefit St. Jude. GuardianCon was created by Twitch streamer ProfessorBroman https://www.twitch.tv/professorbroman and started as a charity stream event, switching between different streams within a week and eventually grew to include a convention, alongside the original stream marathon. This year, the marathon ALONE raised  $3.7 Million with Dr Lupos stream raising $970,000. Even AAA Dev, Bungie had a stream that raised $400k and that was before the streamer’s donations.

The marathon ended on June 23rd but the convention is July 5th - 6th in Shingle Rosen Creek, Florida. GuardianCon is one of those events on Twitch that really brings out the best in the gaming community and shows the world that gaming communities are larger and more positive than one might think.