This Month At Polarity: Your TL;DR Guide to our Community.

At Polarity, we know you are busy and can't always keep up with all the happenings around here.  So monthly, we’ll put together a few things we thought you wouldn't want to miss. Here you will find short game reviews, tips and tricks, new game content and community happenings. So what do we need from you? We need to know what's going on. We need to know if you reached affiliate or partner this month.  If you have a clip with other community members of some epic play (or failure). What are you hyped about? What are you hoping we cover?

Connect with any of the @Community Owners and let us know.

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Throwack Thursday!


This month the Polarity Gaming Community is doing a Throwback Thursday! Taking a look at older games that still give us that warm cuddly feeling inside!

Do you have a Throwback game that makes you feel all warm and cuddly, if so head over to the community discord and share it with everyone in #all-chat

Community Info


Polarity is looking for Community Leaders!

Polarity Gaming Network is taking off, with new members joining the discord every day! We are currently looking for active community members for the new Community Leader position, with the specific title still being up in the air. This position will be part of the path of moving up in the community. We are looking for members to help us with ideas and enhancements for the community; helping organize and run community game nights; support discord members and more. If you are interested in applying for this position please DM a Polarity Owner for more information.


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Polarity's People


A gaming network like Polarity isn't all games.  It's also about the people too. DM @Treefrog to share news.

Polarity Birthdays!

Do you have a birthday in August? Let a member of the Polarity Staff know so we can feature in next months newsletter!


Polarity Discord Nitro Boosters!

A big thank you from everyone here at Polarity Gaming Network, to those members of the community that have nitro subscriptions on discord. With the implementation of being able to boost a server of your choice the following members boosted the Polarity Community discord to status level 2 with one day of the service being out. Allowing Polarity Gaming Community to offer more emote slots, custom landing page, server banner, and higher quality voice channels when need. 

The following members provided the Polarity Server with a nitro boost!

@Alec, @Boktai, @Brockiebrock, @Zyvx, @Ishwa, @Hop, @DovahGoose, @C0ppert0ne, @KingTushyy, @SpiritChunker, @Aaking, @Frakture, @Kajesan 




Polarity PC Builds!

For the recent happenings within our community, I have decided to give ya’ll an article with a little insight on two things at once. First, our friendly neighborhood @DovahGoose has been absent lately due to his computer dying on him, but will be making a triumphant return! Secondly, I personally built his new pc and would like to share the specs and some benchmarks and other photos with all of you! His new machine is both a great performer, and a hell of a looker. As a real life friend for over 12 years I can say I’m both proud of my work, and really hope you enjoy the system, friend!

Tech nerds enjoy below!

CPU: i-9 9900K
Cooler: Cooler Master MasterAir G100M RGB
Motherboard: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4-3200
Drive 1: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2 NVME SSD
Drive 2: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM
GPU: Evga GeForce RTX 2080 XC Ultra
Case: Cooler Master MasterBox MB511 RGB
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G1+ 80+ Gold Full Modular
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit

(PICS ARE LOCATED IN THE #battlestations chat on discord)

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Polarity Community Game Night Changes Announcment!

game night

We have decided to mix things up a bit with the way we go about community gaming nights here in Polarity. Going forward,there will not be polls, and we will have a new system in place for deciding community game night games.

Game night every Saturday night at 8:00PM CST, and will be announcing one month of game nights in advance. We believe that by having them scheduled ahead of time that we will be allowing a few major changes to take place. Changes & expectations will be as follows:

1. No more voting will make it less likely to play the same games night after night. This should give more power to the smaller games to make their mark.
2. We will be basing future games schedule off of attendance in community nights. Least popular game(s) each month will be dropped off for next month, to be replaced by a game from our list.
3. YES, we WILL accept suggestions to add to our list for community night games! We have a few simple requirements for a game we believe would be good.
A. It needs to be either free to play or relatively cheap (think >$10)
B. Support a large-ish number of players (aim for 8 or more)
C. Be a relatively easy game to explain in a short amount of time for new players.

Example: In our first game night this month, Trouble in Terrorist Town had a whopping 11 unique community members participate throughout the night (9 was max at one time). This game got a lot of ya’ll out here playing and having a good time, so it will likely return next month.

Going forward announcements will be made at the beginning of each month outlying the schedule for that month. It will be posted once in the discord announcements channel, and here in TMaP as well. Thanks for participating folks!

Game Night Schedule for August 2019 as follows:

8/3: Trouble in Terrorist Town (Gmod)

8/10: Supraball

8/17: Jackbox Games

8/24: SCP: Secret Laboratory

8/31: *Extra Saturday this month, TBA - Submit suggestions by DM @Ishwa

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Community Twitch News!

Polarity's newest affiliate, Ishwa, is a variety streamer, but falls back to Ark & other survival genre games. His streams are about the interactions between himself, the players with him, and the chat - not to show off. The vibe he creates is "come in, take off your jacket, kick back and relax". Find him at https://www.twitch.tv/ishwapgn


Supported Streamer Program Launches 

Polarity Gaming Network is proud to announce the launch of the Supported Stream Program! That’s right the time is finally here. We are rolling out the system this month. Below you can find the requirements to apply for the program, along with the application form, and  the benefits of this program for content creators. 

Benefits offered currently by Polarity

  • Automated Announcement of “Going Live” within the Polarity Gaming Network Discord

  • Custom Auto-Host on the Polarity Gaming Network Content Channels, when Live events are not currently active

    • Must be under 240 characters, including username, URL and @ everyone

    • Can be changed a maximum of 4 times per calendar year

    • Send new wording with 48 hours notice to Boktai

  • Private Voice-Lobby for yourself and viewers to be issued upon request

    • Must request 24 hours in advance with a Polarity Owner

  • Access to Polarity Gaming Network Promotional/Marketing Material including

    • Polarity Gaming Network Animated Stream Banner

    • Twitch Panel

    • VIP Live Stream Support

    • Priority Spots in Polarity Gaming Network Produced Content

  • Sponsorship with brands & early game access keys will be offered as provided, more information will be provided via DM on Discord as opportunities become available. 

In order to qualify, community members must meet 3 of the following 4 criteria:

  • Affiliate or Partner on Twitch
    Due to current integration limitations within Polarity Gaming Network only Twitch streamers are viable applicants. Future integration may become available subject to demand.  Contact a community owner to discuss.

  • Active member of the Polarity Gaming Network Community
    Communicating in text chats, voice chats, and indiscriminate inclusion of other members.

  • Optimized and maintained production quality within limitations of hardware and Twitch requirements
    If quality of production is satisfactory to Twitch but not with Polarity staff you must be willing to work with them to improve settings, etc.

  • Active social media related to your Twitch presence
    Includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, or personal Discord Community.

In addition, you must demonstrate:

  • Outstanding Stream Etiquette
    Includes but is not limited to: interacting with stream chat, hosting/raiding at end of streams, constant awareness when streaming, proper scenes for at least live, be right back, and ending.

    Avoiding direct competition with official Polarity Gaming Network community live content creation.

  • Consistent personality and quality of content representative of Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct
    Must meet all community guidelines within the Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct. Violations of code may result in temporary suspension of Supported Streamer service variable up to permanent removal from said program. 


Application Process

  1. Submissions will be reviewed by at least three Polarity Owners and may take up to two weeks for approval.

  2. All approved streamers will be sent Polarity Gaming Network’s Supported Streamer Packet, which includes additional terms and conditions, immediately upon approval. Benefits of the program will commence immediately.

  3. Streamers who are not approved may re-apply at least 24 hours after the denial is received.  You may request further feedback from Polarity Owners and may be able to request some mentor-ship, which will be made available at the discretion of the owners. You may apply a maximum of twice per calendar year.

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Community Gaming News & Reviews!

Minecraft is Cool Again! by @Thadius

Minecraft. It's back and in full force. If you've watched YouTube lately, you've seen hordes of people now playing Minecraft. One of the more noticeable being PewDiePie. He even had Jack Black play with him for a bit on a donation (charity?) stream! With Minecraft is back, you may be wondering what's different about it, compared to when you last played. Well, they've added quite a bit. Campfires, barrels, blast furnaces, and many more cool things are now in play.If you've getting that itch to play again, guess what? Polarity has it's own server! Our is a little bit more than your vanilla, run of the mill server, though. Through mods, we have new building materials, a leveling up system for different weapons, MAGIC, and quests to do. When you begin, you get a quest book that you can follow to advance you character! If that's not your style of game play, you can treat it as normal Minecraft with more building material to work with! We hope to see you soon!

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Ture Team Play! @C0ppert0ne

You may have noticed more and more people in the community playing a game simply titled “Squad”, so we will answer the first question always asked:

“What is Squad?”

Squad is a mil sim (military simulator) that was developed by the team behind a Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality. Gameplay and victory is highly dependent on you working with your squad mates, and your squad cooperating and coordinating with the other squads on your team.

Every team faction has unique weapon loadouts and vehicles from their countries of origin. There is no customization, as everything is set to give balance and provide a more realistic feel to what a soldier would carry. For instance a rifleman, one of the few classes with more than one loadout, has three potential options.  American riflemen use the M4, but with three configurations: one will have iron sights but also a foregrip, another a 1x red dot but no foregrip, lastly a 4x acog scope with no adjustable zoom. Other classes will limit how many players on the team can pick,, for instance you can have unlimited riflemen but only one grenadier, maybe two anti-tank, but this varies, depending on faction.

What game modes are there?

Advance and Secure (AAS), Random Advance and Secure (RAAS), Destruction, Conquest, Insurgency, Invasion, and Territory Control (note: this does not include mod modes). We will focus on AAS, RAAS, Invasion, and Territory Control, currently the more popular game modes. AAS is like conquest in Battlefield but flags can only be capped in order; if a flag has been lost you can no longer cap the next in the order. RAAS adds a fog of war. You don’t know where the next flag will be, adding more strategy to the game and removing possible flag camping. Invasion is an attack and defend game mode where the attacking team must capture different points from the defending team who must keep the attack team from reaching main base. Territory Control is much more complex and take longer to finish than the others, each team starts with a grid of hexagons on the map, the goal is to either wipe a team out of tickets or capture 95% of the hexes. You can only capture a hex that connects to one your team owns.

More info about Squad:

Squad is seeing an influx of players thanks to a recent free weekend. If you are new there are many servers dedicated to helping people gain a greater understanding of the game and its mechanics. They recently released free DLC for the Canadian Armed Forces and 2 maps along with it. Now is a great time to jump in and play. I have yet to find a vetern that was unwilling to help me figure out more about the game.

Where can I get this game?

Currently the game is available on Steam for $39.99. Or if you Subscribe to Humble Monthly Bundle for $12.00  by September 6th you can get Squad and up to 7 other games!

If you have any more questions about Squad feel free to DM me on discord C0PPERT0NE.

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Throwback to Jurassic Era by @Master Rex

Ark is a game for some and for others its a commitment. I wouldnt say that I’m a hardcore player, but I really do enjoy my time in the game. Between taming and breeding, and building or just killing time riding or flying on dinosaurs, it's a game that allows for hours of casual, engaging gameplay. The creativity the game allows is almost endless.

Dinosaurs like the Doedicurus are very useful early on and have multiple uses. You can use it to farm stone, which can be used to build structures and even some items. And since this is a game about beasts, you can take the stone and feed them to Gachas. Gachas are very useful but require lots of stone. Another useful Dino is the Quetzal. It can fly and is the best hauler of materials in the game. They can carry extremely heavy payloads, including you, over difficult terrain.

When you start a new character survival is key so first chance you get unlock the engram for a spear and make one. As you continue to level, your spear gets replaced. You can graduate from spear to bow then crossbow then you can get the longneck rifle. All very logical and it happens as you level up and unlock new engrams, Arc’s skill point system. An engram unlock at level 39 allows you to make a shotgun that is very handy in caves.  It can kill such beasts such as Araneos and Titanboas. And, of course, better versions of gear and weapons can be found through drops or boss fights. You can also get some gear through killing alpha versions of the dinosaurs. These better weapons can be found in the form of prefabricated items or blueprints. Since Alphas are untamable, go ahead and get that gear, it’ll help you take on bigger bosses. For those who want to push a little end game content for higher tier gear and tech there are boss fights with their own unique challenges. 

Ark currently has 4 maps that are part of the official story. Ark has also released several more maps through DLC, which continue to add new dynamics and interest to the game. The newest, Valguero brings an Ice Wyvern trench, a massive underwater cavern and a new dinosaur the Deinonychus to the table, and the map is visually stunning. I prefer to build my main base on The Centre. It’s far less crowded and the map is visually stunning: Ice Castle anyone? How about a giant floating island? I’ve played on all the maps and each one has its own perks. It all depends on what you are looking for.

If anyone is looking for a server cluster to play on, I recommend A1 Gaming Community. They have a 7 map cluster and decent mods to go with it.

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The Inn is Open! @Altered

Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game that is made and modeled after the Warcraft lore that people know and love. You can queue against other players with premade or handmade decks that you can create and customize with any of the cards you collect.

One of the best parts of this game is the ability to play and earn cards in pretty much whichever way you want. You can choose from a multitude of game modes including regular casual matches, ranked, a special mode called Tavern Brawl which comes around with a new theme every week and also earns you a free card pack for winning, or my personal favorite, Solo Adventures.

Solo Adventures are a very unique experience as they put you against AI players who always have unique powers that add a bit of spice to the usual player vs player games the rest of the game is centered around, while still giving off the feeling of going against an actual player.

The most recent addition to the Solo Adventures is The Dalaran Heist where you and your cohorts are tasked with looting and defeating the heroes (and residents) of the city of Dalaran in a dungeon run-esque fashion. You are given starting decks and heroes with never before seen abilities and cards from previous and current expansions. With this starting arsenal, you make your way through 8 randomized AI heroes and with every win, you will be presented with new random options to upgrade your deck. All the while you are upgrading. You will face stronger opponents until the final boss where you will not be given the option to upgrade and immediately thrown into the fight. Upon your first clear you are given the spoils of war as a reward for your efforts for each of the 4 chapters of the heist with a grand prize for completing all 4 chapters.

Thinking this is the end? Heroic difficulty throws you in with the AI cranked up to 10, making the best plays every turn and forcing you to get really creative with your own deck as you will face some familiar foes who have become even stronger and smarter with enhanced AI and enhanced (borderline cheating) abilities. Hearthstone is free to play and very easy to get into as they have the Blizzard app version for desktop play as well as the mobile version for both IOS and Android smartphones so get grinding and have fun exploring all the gamemodes!

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Overwatch is Hot Again! @TheCajunBuddha

Hey! This is TheCajunBuddha with Polarity Gaming Network, and today I will be discussing the current state of Overwatch. Everything in this report is pretty much opinion based, with a few facts coming straight from the OW game itself. Currently OW is still a high valued and fun game to play. From the launch of OW on May 24, 2016 through today, August 5, 2019 the game of OW has changed significantly. From new characters changing the state of play to new maps making you really think and communicate with your team on what point to hold and who is best for which part of the map, game play has evolved.

Currently there are changes in the works that will impact the state of competitive gameplay, by implementing a “role lock” system for queuing in the game. With the role lock, you que as the role you pick and can only play characters in that designated role. In other words, if you lock in the dps role, you won't be able to switch off and go tank or heal because your team needs a better player in that spot. You must wait until the end of the entire game to switch roles. This alone will change the game of competitive play by making the 2v2v2 comp the only viable and useable comp there is. It also means that if you are playing soldier and your rein is a bad anchor tank, you can't trade off with them. The other tank will be able to trade, but no one else in the group.

 Also, in PTR they are adding Sigma: “Sigma is an eccentric astrophysicist and volatile tank who gained the power to control gravity in an orbital experiment gone wrong. Manipulated by Talon and deployed as a living weapon, Sigma’s presence on the battlefield cannot be ignored.” Sigma is a flex tank that can deploy a shield which moves forward until you stop it. With Sigma you can play back and anchor like Rein or Orisa, but also with mobility that can make you valuable like Winston and his shield. His main attack is called “hyperspheres”, where he launches two gravitic charges, which bounce off walls and implode after a short duration, damaging enemies within a sizable radius. His left shift is called “kinetic grasp” which freezes incoming projectiles in midair, converting them to shields. Sigma’s second ability is “accretion” it gathers a mass of debris and flings it at an enemy to knock them down. His ultimate, called “gravity fluc,” unleashes his full powers, Sigma takes flight, lifts enemies in a targeted location into the air them proceeds to slam them down.

Anytime a game makes changes that shift gameplay or change elements, some people will be upset (and will likely take to twitter to tell anyone who will listen). But sometimes changing a meta and forcing people to think differently, adds new dynamics and increased playability to a game.  Overwatch devs are working hard to keep us playing!