This Month At Polarity: Your TL;DR Guide to our Community.

At Polarity, we know you are busy and can't always keep up with all the happenings around here.  So monthly, we’ll put together a few things we thought you wouldn't want to miss. Here you will find short game reviews, tips and tricks, new game content and community happenings. So what do we need from you? We need to know what's going on. We need to know if you reached affiliate or partner this month.  If you have a clip with other community members of some epic play (or failure). What are you hyped about? What are you hoping we cover?

Connect with any of the @Community Owners and let us know.

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Polarity's People


A gaming network like Polarity isn't all games.  It's also about the people too. DM @Treefrog to share news.


Back to school with Polarity!

So many Polarity People are heading back to school in September, including @brockiebrockk @thecajunbuddha and @Alexxy.  Make time to work and play and don't forget to sleep! We wish you all the best in your studies.


Polarity now serving drinks!

Our own @brockiebrock is now a bartender!  He took training to be a real pro and learned how to juggle making drinks, keeping up interactions and paying attention to the needs of the rest of the patrons.  Basically streaming bootcamp, seems like! He even designed a drink called “the Student Loan” for September, noting that balancing flavours is way more intricate than he knew!


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Polarity Charity Event!

The Polarity Community is having our second charity event! Several members of the Polarity Destiny Clan and Destiny Content Creators will be doing a 12 hour live stream, featuring raid parades, challenge events, and more to support “Alzheimer’s Awareness”.  You will be able to donate via Tiltify Extension on Twitch. Below are the twitch following channels involved. This event has been organized by @Elfman55 and assisted by the Polarity Community.

Sat. Sept 28th, 2019
12PM CST to 12 AM CST


Twitch Channels:

http://twitch.tv/boktai or http://mixer.com/boktai


http://twitch.tv/ishwapgn or http://mixer.com/ishwapgn



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Polarity Community Game Night Changes Announcment!

game night

This last month was the first month of our new scheduling system AND of doing a  Community Game Night every week, so there's quite a bit to go over this month, but I am more than happy to do so. To keep things shorter I will be using the acronym CGN from here on out.

Our first Saturday was spent playing the always hilarious Trouble in Terrorist Town. Once again Polarity members spent the night both befriending and backstabbing each other to victory. TTT is part of Gary’s Mod, which is available for $9.99 on steam, but goes on sale quite regularly.

The second CGN was a complete change of pace, with free to play wacky stickman-with-a-cannon arena soccer game, Supraball. We spent the night trying and mostly failing to do anything skillful, while occasionally  scoring some lucky goals on each other. Again this game is free to play and is available through Steam.

Our third CGN this month was a lot less reflex based, with JackBox Games, the more brain oriented virtual party game. We played Party Pack 3 (There are 5 of them I believe) that night and spent most of our time laughing too hard to breathe (or at least I did) over the absolutely stupid crap we came up with for our questions, answers, etc. JackBox Games is free to play as a participant, as only the host needs to own the games. All 5 packs are available on Steam, and anybody can join in next time for free through their browser on their PC or even their mobile devices!

The 4th game night this month took a turn for the worst with free to play survival horror multiplayer craziness in SCP: Secret Laboratory. Some of us tried to escape the doomed facility, while some of us hunted the others down like the prey they didn't know they were. All in all, Scientists & D Boys were slain, NTF & Chaos did their best (maybe) to save them, and the Plague Doctor SCP seemed to dominate no matter which of us played him.

This month we had a !!BONUS SATURDAY!! and had played yet another free to play game, the ever popular Town of Salem. However, a last minute change had to be made, as the game was no longer free to play. Instead it ended up being an encore of our most popular game this last month - SCP! Once again we scared the crap out of each other, some of us even resorting to actually barking through their mics when playing as the hound SCP….but we had a higher player number this time and got to experience some SCPs that are not available with lower player counts, such as Zyvx’s turn at playing as the oh so crafty Computer SCP!

Next month our schedule for CGN will be as follows!

9/7 -  Golf With Your Friends
9/14 - GMod - Prop Hunt
9/21 - SCP: Secret Laboratory
9/28 - No game night this Saturday, Special Event planned instead. More Info TBA

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Community Streaming News!

Polarity Streamers moving to Mixer

The world of content creation last month, specifically live streaming content, was shaken when Ninja suddenly switched to Streaming Platform Mixer. Several Polarity Content Creators have transitioned to Mixer this last month. Below you can find information on the featured Creators who have made the move to Mixer.




Supported Streamer Program Launches 

Polarity Gaming Network is proud to announce the launch of the Supported Stream Program! That’s right the time is finally here. We are rolling out the system this month. Below you can find the requirements to apply for the program, along with the application form, and  the benefits of this program for content creators. 

Benefits offered currently by Polarity

  • Automated Announcement of “Going Live” within the Polarity Gaming Network Discord

  • Custom Auto-Host on the Polarity Gaming Network Content Channels, when Live events are not currently active

    • Must be under 240 characters, including username, URL and @ everyone

    • Can be changed a maximum of 4 times per calendar year

    • Send new wording with 48 hours notice to Boktai

  • Private Voice-Lobby for yourself and viewers to be issued upon request

    • Must request 24 hours in advance with a Polarity Owner

  • Access to Polarity Gaming Network Promotional/Marketing Material including

    • Polarity Gaming Network Animated Stream Banner

    • Twitch Panel

    • VIP Live Stream Support

    • Priority Spots in Polarity Gaming Network Produced Content

  • Sponsorship with brands & early game access keys will be offered as provided, more information will be provided via DM on Discord as opportunities become available. 

In order to qualify, community members must meet 3 of the following 4 criteria:

  • Affiliate or Partner on Twitch
    Due to current integration limitations within Polarity Gaming Network only Twitch streamers are viable applicants. Future integration may become available subject to demand.  Contact a community owner to discuss.

  • Active member of the Polarity Gaming Network Community
    Communicating in text chats, voice chats, and indiscriminate inclusion of other members.

  • Optimized and maintained production quality within limitations of hardware and Twitch requirements
    If quality of production is satisfactory to Twitch but not with Polarity staff you must be willing to work with them to improve settings, etc.

  • Active social media related to your Twitch presence
    Includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, or personal Discord Community.

In addition, you must demonstrate:

  • Outstanding Stream Etiquette
    Includes but is not limited to: interacting with stream chat, hosting/raiding at end of streams, constant awareness when streaming, proper scenes for at least live, be right back, and ending.

    Avoiding direct competition with official Polarity Gaming Network community live content creation.

  • Consistent personality and quality of content representative of Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct
    Must meet all community guidelines within the Polarity Gaming Network’s code of conduct. Violations of code may result in temporary suspension of Supported Streamer service variable up to permanent removal from said program. 


Application Process

  1. Submissions will be reviewed by at least three Polarity Owners and may take up to two weeks for approval.

  2. All approved streamers will be sent Polarity Gaming Network’s Supported Streamer Packet, which includes additional terms and conditions, immediately upon approval. Benefits of the program will commence immediately.

  3. Streamers who are not approved may re-apply at least 24 hours after the denial is received.  You may request further feedback from Polarity Owners and may be able to request some mentor-ship, which will be made available at the discretion of the owners. You may apply a maximum of twice per calendar year.

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Community Special Articles! 

Boktai's Streaming How To Part 1:

This month’s topic is Broadcaster Etiquette, my goal here is to share some  industry insight whether you are streaming by yourself or tend to stream with a group of friends. In this months article I will be covering these topics; Importance of Schedules, Self Promotion, Social Media Usage, and Overall Behavior.

Let's start with developing a schedule; consistency is key to becoming successful, no matter what live stream platform you use. You can’t tune into your favorite tv show if you don’t know what day and time it’s airing.  Since some people watch live streams specifically for the interaction, it's even more important viewers can predict when you are live.This goes hand in hand with consistency while streaming, try to stream for the same number of hours per stream, if you have to leave early or take a day off, communicate it with your viewers via discord, social media, or any other public platform you may use. If you co-stream with another content creator, focus on setting up specific days and times you work with the other streamer. I tend to work with @zyvxgaming a lot. He is the current editor for my vods, clips, and more. He checks in with me day to day to find out if we are co streaming and we work by communicating schedules each week.

Self promotion is a tough subject to talk about, because some streamers will tell you to advertise everywhere, using every available hashtag, While others will tell you to do very little to no advertisement. Let’s think of it this way, your stream persona is your brand. You have to market your brand, but over marketing can actually be detrimental. The trend now among the streaming community is to just have a short message that you’re streaming, followed by a link. Maybe including an @ for the game you’re playing and one associated hashtag, and these are maybes.

Let’s also talk about behavior in friends and other streamers chats. You should never ever self promote, talk about I’m going live streaming xxxxxx, or Hey come check out my stream. If the broadcaster wants to advertise your stream they will. A majority of streamers have Shout Out commands that will advertise your stream for you if you raid or host them. Speaking on this subject, when you are part of a community discord or community in general with an open forum of discussion, don’t blatantly plug your stream or that you are streaming. You will attract more natural followers and viewers with your phrasing of a  dialog vs just saying hey come check my stream.

Proper social media usage ties into self promotion. Twitter, Facebook, and even Twitch/Mixer themselves are amazing social media platforms. Utilize these tools by following your  favorite streamers and content creators. Follow game developers, gaming brands, and more. Remember to retweet, like, share, provide links, gifs, new stories, and more. Think about what you read and see every day on social media from bigger content creators that are earning their living by streaming. Learn from them, notice the small and big things they are doing.Focus on understanding your analytics to see what your followers are interacting with, clicking on, and reading. The final point on this, remember anything you post on your social media is a reflection of you and your brand, try to stay out of heated debates, drama, and political issues.

The final topic for this month's article is overall behavior in and out of streams. Let’s start with the most severe negative behaviors and move to positives.


Don’t be an ass:

This one is pretty self explanatory, don’t be an ass to fellow streamers or your viewers. Not everyone is into the rage toxic culture.. Remember the golden rule, treat people how you would want them to treat the people you care about. 


Backseating aka Backseat gaming is not helpful:

Most broadcasters do not appreciate backseat gaming, especially if they are doing a blind playthrough of a game. It’s the same as spoiling a movie for people that have not seen it yet. Also, you may know everything about everything when it comes to a game, but most people streamers and viewers like to discover things on their own.Of course, if a Broadcaster asks for help, then by all means be there to offer advice or help them.


Don’t Over Talk the Broadcaster:

If you are lucky enough to ever be able to play with streamers live on air and be in voice comms, do not over talk the Broadcaster. You’re a guest on their stream so be respectful.It’s ok to banter with the streamer, but when the streamer is speaking to their audience, be respectful and be quiet and let them address their chat. If you feel so inclined to interact with the streamer’s chat, then do so when they are not engaged with their chat. When you’re co streaming with another content creator, make sure you have boundaries set with each other and understand how each other react to certain situations. Also, make sure you set a mute hot switch for discord,so that you can each address your respective chats. Discuss any potential cross promotion before your stream. Most co streamers will share that information naturally or viewership's will transition between the streams. Don’t divert viewers or chats attention from streamers when you’re in their chats. 

Respect your viewers and their time:

Your viewers are there to watch you, make sure you are providing entertainment for them. Don’t take advantage of your viewers or their time, make sure you’re on time when you start streaming, don’t take long breaks, don’t start and stop your stream unless you’re having stream connection issues.  When you’re streaming make sure you are interacting with your viewers, and be respectful if they want to go in lurk mode; do not call them out for lurking. A large percentage of stream viewership tend to lurk and watch more then interact with chats. It’s not a bad thing, lurkers actually help streamers more than you know.

Avoid Gender and Social Prejudices:

Don’t make assumptions about who your viewers are. This is the quickest way to offend your viewerbase. If you make a mistake, apologize and move on. 

Be Kind and Share kindness:

People don’t like being around toxic, hateful, or upsetting environments. Share kindness and positive vibes. It’s ok to get salty, especially in very competitive games. Learn how to shake it off even if you get salty on stream, laugh about it afterwards. I personally find cracking jokes helps me , or if I’m with co streamers and they get frustrated, I try to make them laugh. This is something you will have to personally approach and find out what works best for your audience. It falls back to the golden rule of just be kind and behave with common sense. 

I hope this helps all the amazing Content Creators in the Polarity community, and anyone reading this article. I look forward to next month’s article about entertainment do and don'ts. Thank you all for your time!




Digital Concerts & Their Potential Impact


We live in a very strange period of time in this world. One hundred years ago, people would have never believed the things we would be capable of in the 21st century. I don’t think people would have believed what I’m about to say even 20 years ago, but on August 20th, I attended a virtual Korn concert. Now, this was definitely not the first event of its type, but it was the first one that came across one of my various social media feeds in time for me to attend.


The concert took place in two different games at once, which may have been a first, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. The game that I attended the concert in was Adventure Quest 3D, a free to play MMO that is cross platform between steam and mobile devices (Phones, tablets, etc.) and in the 2D counterpart by the same company, Adventure Quest Worlds.


Now I need to stress, this concert was not a live concert like you might think. Korn was not actually playing the game with us (at least for the free users. There were some paid meet and greet packages I did not purchase) and there was next to nothing for interactivity. It was basically like any other event in any other MMO. Do a small questline, get some limited time rewards. The event for this was essentially slay certain types of monsters repeatedly in this concert arena while jamming out to 3 songs, and then after 5 minutes had passed since the end of the last song, the event started over again.


Now if you can’t tell by my previous wording, I was a little disappointed in the event as a whole, but I promise this entire piece will not be negative. The entire idea is slightly cool. Mainly because the band was a band I actually liked, but had it not been it was still a cool concept. A band (that you may or may not like) is doing an event inside of a videogame? Cool. They are letting people hear a song off their new album? More cool, even though we had already heard this song 5 months prior when it was released as a single. The only disappointing aspects for me were purely that it wasn't actually live/interactive, and that it was so short. In my opinion, a band that has been around for over 20 years could have maybe done like 7-10 songs instead of the same 3 on repeat for the few hours it took to complete the event. By the end I knew the words to a song that I had literally never heard before, and no that’s not a good thing.


At the end of it all, I think it was a good idea, and that it can definitely help the band promote their new album. It was probably cooler for big fans of the band, but for people that may not have known them, it was some easy new band exposure. The developers of AQ3D have said that this was only the first in a series of events like this, so maybe they will get some feedback and improve future events. I think if a band were to be a little more involved in an event, and that event were to take place in a more popular game, that it would be a fantastic way of promoting their music.


I think in game concerts have the potential to be very effective, interactive marketing tool in today’s society, where gaming is part of the mainstream, unlike when some of us were kids. And with the rash of online gaming, the sky is literally the limit.


I’ll leave some examples of past events below for you to check out if you wish.


Marshmellow - Fortnite - Live Event - Feb. 2019


Multiple Artists/Fire Festival - Minecraft - Live Event - Jan. 2019


Multiple Artists/Coalchella - Minecraft - Live Event - Sept. 2018


Deadmau5 performing “Petting Zoo” - Goat Simulator - Replayable/Singleplayer level - Released 2014


The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Second Life -  Live Event - 2007


Elite Tauren Chieftain/The Tauren Chieftains - World of Warcraft - Pre Recorded/recurring event - Still available


Community Gaming News & Tech Reviews!

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GPU Overclocking Starter Guide (now with charts) by @C0ppert0ne

pasted image 0

What you talkin’ ‘bout?

In this article we will explore how to get started with overclocking your GPU and my experience with my first time overclocking. We will discuss where I made mistakes so you don’t repeat them, and the easiest way to start out. This can and probably will be a lengthy read, so grab your coffee and a snack so we can get started.

What do I need? 

Well I assume you already have the most important part: the Graphics card. You will need a GPU clocking/monitoring tool, I recommend MSI Afterburner; it's simple and has a great selection of in game overlays available.  B you can use whichever you feel comfortable with, they each work with all cards. You will need at least 2 different benchmark apps that will provide the best info such as an overall score, average FPS, min and max FPS. I personally used Superposition and 3Dmarks Time Spy, both are free 3Dmarks demo enables use of Time Spy (both DX 12 super is 1080p time spy is 1440p), In this I will refer to 3Dmark as I learned something about Superposition. Finally you will need a word document, I used notepad, simple, free, no extra features needed.

What do I do and where do I start?

First, I would run both benchmarks stock and write down the results. My stock scores in 3Dmark’s Time Spy were as follows: Score 7573, GPU test 1 avg 50, GPU test 2 avg 45. Your next step is to immediately max out your power limit and temp. limit  ( DO NOT WORRY!!! Manufacturer BIOS are set to not put your GPU in danger, these limits are well within your card’s ability and safe for the card). See image for reference.

Your next step is to start increasing your core clock by 10-50, recording each successful pass, until you experience a crash of the benchmark. Return to your last working clock and gradually increase your clock until it is stable. I found my core clock in superposition could get to +130Core before crashing, however in Time Spy +100Core was my max  (later on found out Superposition was far more questionable on what could be reached so Time Spy was my main after this fumble).

Finally, Memory Clock will be increased once you find your max Core Clock, I raised it by increments of +100Mem until I found my limit. Occasionally I would attempt more core with it to see what would happen, I ended up maxing out at +900Mem; anything higher artifacted and stuttered or caused far worse FPS in general.

Notice: we did not attempt Core Voltage as this gets more in depth and is for a higher level of Overclocker but for a good increase using just core and memory clock with maxed power and temp. Yields great results.

Below is a charting of my Overclocking of both Time Spy and Superposition:

Time Spy DX12, at 2560x1440p C=core clock M= memory clock



GPU Test 1 avg

Gpu test 2 avg






This is our baseline for my RTX2060





This adds +100 points to our score but negligible performance





Performance became smooth but I could not surpass this as TS crashed





No boost other than score which means stability improved





Same as above
*note I did skip other tests I ran to save space





This is what i ended on any higher would lower score and stability.

With this we see that i gained 548 points per 3Dmarks grading system and a solid 4 FPS avg in test 1 and 5 in test 2 in 3Dmark it will tell you the difference in the two tests they run.

Now you may look at this and wonder, “why bother?” Remember this is in DX12 and most games run in DX11 still and DX12 is optional. Below is what Fire Strike shows performance wise which is DX11 and runs at 1080p.

Fire Strike DX11 at 1920x1080p





This is our baseline





We gained 999 points and a nice 7 fps in one test and 6 frames in the next.

How does this translate to games?

Well, in some games you won’t notice a difference to be honest with you, in others it can make a difference in stability and your performance, plus allow you to increase graphic settings if that’s your bread and butter.

Overall, this is just something fun to do seeing the numbers rise and getting people into the enthusiast section of PC building.

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Archeage Unchanied by @Hop

Archeage Unchained P2P (No more P2W): Big news for the MMORPG Archeage with its recent takeover by Gamigo. All Trion world’s games have been taken over by the new publisher, in hopes of breathing new life into the games. As a result, extreme changes were made to Archeage,  which should bring back veteran players and bring those not wanting to dump large sums of money, to join the game.

Archeage’s publishers are promising to take away the pay to win aspect by completely removing the in-game cash store. Everything within the cash shop will be obtainable in game through various tasks. Chatter in the community is loving the balance that will come with the cash shop changes.

Below are all the FAQ from the article presented by the developers (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?353313).

Are you keeping the Free To Play version of ArcheAge?

Yes, both versions of ArcheAge (ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained) will co-exist. New content and updates are coming in the Fall.

What are the differences between ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained? 

Your feedback over the years encouraged us to provide a different game experience for you, our community. ArcheAge: Unchained is a new way to play the game with a different business model. We've changed entirely its monetization which was simply not possible to this great extent with the already existing ArcheAge F2P version. 

In ArcheAge: Unchained there is no longer a subscription model. With a onetime purchase, you can enjoy the content as often as you want. You will be able to purchase vanity items via Credits and we will implement seasonal ArchePasses. We are focusing on fairer gameplay which is why we decided to change a few monetization features for ArcheAge: Unchained. There’ll be more information in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned! 

Why didn't you change the monetization of the original ArcheAge F2P version and instead make a new game out of it? 

Over the last years, we considered several ideas on how we could change the monetization system to create a more fair game experience for our community. Several changes have already been implemented in the original ArcheAge version such as the Hiram gear, the implementation of exchangeable mounts and pets for Manastorm Crystals and the Merchant’s Favor tokens in crates. 

Unfortunately, our idea for ArcheAge: Unchained was not feasible for the original ArcheAge F2P version with an already existing game economy. The original ArcheAge servers will remain and we will keep two different versions of ArcheAge with different business models. 

We absolutely believe that ArcheAge: Unchained is the right decision. We want to continue this adventure for several years with our great community for both versions - ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained. 

Will I be able to transfer my items or Credits between both versions?

As ArcheAge: Unchained has a different business model, it will be implemented like a new game with a new server environment. There will be no transfer of items or characters between the already existing version and ArcheAge: Unchained. Credits can only be used where they have been bought. 

In ArcheAge: Unchained everyone starts fresh! There will be no additional bonus if you switch from the F2P version. It’s all about your skills, your dedication and the decisions that you make! 

What will be the price for ArcheAge: Unchained? When is the release date? 

We will reveal more information in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned! 

Do I still have to get Patron Subscription? 

There will be no subscription in ArcheAge: Unchained. No one can simply purchase an advantage over others. Everyone will have the same amount of Labor regeneration and a cap of 5,000 Labor Points. Housing will be available for everyone. 

What about Apex? 

Apex will not exist in ArcheAge Unchained. 

Will there be new content alongside this release? 

Both ArcheAge versions will receive a new major update this fall. They will each have the same content and updates which will include a new skillset named Swiftblade, a revamp of the siege system, a new naval arena and lots more. We are super excited about this update! 


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How is World of Warcraft Classic by @TheCajunBuddha

On August 26th, at 5 p.m. nostalgia for many of us was released. World of Warcraft Classic became a playable game. WoW Classic is the vanilla version of World of Warcraft at its last patch before Burning Crusade. Many of us have jumped into the Classic grind head first, some of us may not have realized how much of a toll the game can take on you.

When I, or anyone, says that WoW Classic is a grind, it is the true meaning of the word GRIND. Currently on my second character I have 14 hours play time and I’m only level 16. In World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth (the most recent expansion in the most recent new content release), 14 hours, if ran properly, can get you at least to level 110. that being said, Classic is not for casual players who are just looking for a light pass time. If you want to play classic, you’d better be ready to farm, farm, farm, hours at a time to get enough copper to make a belt for a mail wearer, or enough linen to make a chest piece for a cloth wearer.

Although it is truly a grind, if you are a big fan of the game you truthfully will enjoy it. I started playing mid Burning Crusade (the second expansion pack) and the game has changed so much that I don’t find much joy in the current state of WoW. Now, with the release of Classic I feel like my kid self again, but with a lot more knowledge of the game. I personally am in absolute love with how much of a grind it takes to play this game, and how genuinely “hard” it is to survive; you have to actually think and calculate your next move rather than just rushing in with no worries. 

In conclusion if you are looking to play WoW but just want a chill time to play something with friends and get to max level exceptionally fast, then you want to play retail WoW. BUT, if you are looking for an MMO that is a true grind for mats and levels, with a huge friendly community where everyone genuinely helps one another and wants to grind, then WoW Classic is your game. 

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