This Month At Polarity: Your TL;DR Guide to our Community.

At Polarity, we know you are busy and can't always keep up with all the happenings around here.  So monthly, we’ll put together a few things we thought you wouldn't want to miss. Here you will find short game reviews, tips and tricks, new game content and community happenings. So what do we need from you? We need to know what's going on. We need to know if you reached affiliate or partner this month.  If you have a clip with other community members of some epic play (or failure). What are you hyped about? What are you hoping we cover?

Connect with any of the @Community Owners and let us know.

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Polarity Community Game Night!

community game night

The Polarity Community brought out their paranormal side for community game night! The community played SCP: Secret Laboratory which is a multiplayer version of SCP: Containment Breach which is highly popular among scary game players.

The community took turns spooking, hunting, and saving each other in a high energy community night. The VOD is available on  the Polarity Twitch Channel PolarityGN You can also check the community game nights when they are live streamed on the Polarity Twitch Channel.

If you have a great community game night idea, head over to the #community-suggestions channel in Discord and make your suggestion today!

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Polarity's People


A gaming network like Polarity isn't all games.  It's also about the people too. DM @Treefrog to share news.


@Ebilreaper adopted a cute pair of fur babies. Two sugar gliders named Mordecai & Kasumi . 

BrockieBrock’s 5 Quick Tips for Surviving Finals!

As we all know, it’s finals time for many of our members here at Polarity. @Brockiebrock has some tips for studying and surviving finals.

Get Organized.

Start by double checking exam dates, content, and format. Calculate (where possible) what type of grade needed for self-satisfaction. Then, study in order of priority and relevance.

Stay Calm.

The semester is almost over, try not to overload yourself with stress now. There comes a certain level of acceptance for your grade, so don’t stress over an impossible A. Take it one day at a time, one topic at a time, one exam at a time.

Get Rest.

Exams, especially finals, tend to cover a lot of material from the course. Get plenty of rest so your brain can stay focused and organized. Rest includes naps, solid sleep at night, and general down time. It’s okay to cut back on video games, work, and social life in order to get rest.

Stay Healthy.

Drink plenty of water, eat well, and most importantly, don’t over do it on the caffeine. High amounts of caffeine can cause anxiety, stress, depression, and loss of focus. While you may think you need caffeine to keep going, try to balance your diet to promote a healthy cycle.

Get Going.

Final exams is not the time for procrastination. Understand that a lot of other areas in life can be put on pause while you’re prepping for exams. School should remain top priority, even at the cost of enjoyment. Accept the fact it will be a rough couple of weeks and create ways to reward yourself after you’ve completed exams.

Most importantly, take care of you. You know what’s best for your body, your heart, and your mind. There’s no “one size fits all” for preparing for finals, don’t let what someone else does or doesn’t do keep you from achieving your potential.

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Hype levels have never been higher since Gearbox announced Borderlands 3. May 1st we got a livestream event featuring gameplay of Borderlands 3 and new information on the game. In this article we will try to cover some of the major topics from the livestream gameplay reveal.

Good news is the art style that has become synonymous with Borderlands has returned, but in high detail! The game world looks absolutely gorgeous and some new mechanics have been introduced to the game. We now have destructible cover, a vaulting/mounting system, missed loot collection mailbox system, mini map path highlights, and environmental traps including the new elemental type radiation.  Along with Pandora we will be introduced to a whole new array of planets and environments that we can actually travel to in game via the new hub spaceship Sanctuary III.

Let's talk about the loot, because after all that is what Borderlands is known for! Guns so many guns. They now have alternate fire modes adding a whole new style of gameplay. You could wind up with a chain gun that fires grenades as alternate fire option. Not only did Gearbox bring it to the table with guns, but the loot instancing is down right amazing. We all have friends that we want to play games with. However, time is a nuisance so you may be 10 levels higher than your friend when you get a chance to play together. Instead of system that many other games use where they either level a player up or down to play with their friends the game actually adjust to your level. Your friend may be fighting level 10 enemies while you're fighting level 30 enemies in the exact same map!

There is so much more to cover with today's Borderlands 3 gameplay announcement, but one topic we would like to touch on is the new Twitch extension that Gearbox introduced. The extension is called Echocast allowing viewers to be able to see their favorite content creators loadouts, weapons, inventory, skills, and more. Not only can you have this level of interaction but you also  have a chance to win loot every time your favorite streamer opens a rare loot chest. Even better, this loot will stay tied to your SHIFT account and you will receive this loot the day the game launches in September. That is pretty freaking cool.

Overall Gearbox is doing things right when it comes to Borderlands 3. There will be no micro transactions, and they refuse to see Borderlands 3 as a game as a service, but a full fledged  title from day one. Below you can find information and a link to the Gearbox Borderlands Twitch channel to catch any of the vods, but also a link about the new Echocast Twitch Extension.




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Path of Exile Takes over Polarity

Recently in the Polarity community, we have had a group of players, including myself, @alectts, getting into a beautifully made game called Path of Exile. If you are an ARPG fan and have always been craving a successor to Diablo 2 with an endless endgame, look no further. Path of Exile Is 100% free to play with cosmetic microtransactions and some stash expansions for purchase. However, I played for almost a year without spending a single dime, without running into any unrealistic obstacles, so there is no such thing as “pay to win” in Path of Exile.

Being straight forward though, Path of Exile is not a very nice game when you are first starting out. The skill tree is massive, enemies are very mean, and getting to the point to where you can play the endgame without dying over and over is tough. The game has a very “90’s” era difficulty to it. Path of Exile won't hold your hand and guide you at all, but that’s all part of the fun! Myself and a few other community members who have plenty of hours in the game will be glad to help anyone out to get started in the game, so come and join us! We hope to see YOU on the path to exile!

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Sea of Theives Major Update!

A huge new content update was released this month on Sea of Thieves, one of the Polarity Community's favorite games to play together.  Four new major areas were included in this content update. We will break them down here for you!

Arena: Introduces a new gamemode and faction (Sea Dogs). This adds battle royale experience, while still playing like Sea of Thieves. Players will join a galleon and receive a set of treasure maps. They will race against four other ships to capture the treasure. Killing players, damaging ships and turning in treasure will reward your team with silver. The player with the highest amount of silver at the end of the match will win.

New Ship Damage: Several areas on your ship can now be damaged. The mast of your ship can be shot down (taking 3 shots) and requires teamwork to repair it back to working order. The wheel and capstan can also take damage, possibly to lowering your anchor, in turn causing your ship to steer rapidly in  a random direction. This adds a whole new level of combat & strategy in defending fellow players.

Hunters Call and Fishing: Returning from his vengeful hunt of the Megalodon, Merrick has created a new trading company named the Hunters Call. The Hunters Call purchases animal meats such as ; pig, chicken, and fish. Fishing's main focus is realism, you will have to tire out the fish before being able to reel it in. Certain fish will only spawn in specific conditions and the rarer the fish, the higher the price received. Cooking meats adds value to the meat raising the selling price to Merrick and his friends, but if you burn the meat, the value drops dramatically rendering the meat useless. If you choose not to sell your hard earned gain to The Hunters Call, you can cook the meat and eat it, over healing and allowing you to gain health return after taking damage

Tall Tales: A new quest is being added called Shores of Gold. This will be adding more story and lore to the world. Not much is known of the rewards or even the new mechanics of the quest, but Rare has dropped a trailer overarching the story. You can watch it below!