This Month At Polarity: Your TL;DR Guide to our Community.

At Polarity, we know you are busy and can't always keep up with all the happenings around here.  So monthly, we’ll put together a few things we thought you wouldn't want to miss. Here you will find short game reviews, tips and tricks, new game content and community happenings. So what do we need from you? We need to know what's going on. We need to know if you reached affiliate or partner this month.  If you have a clip with other community members of some epic play (or failure). What are you hyped about? What are you hoping we cover?

Connect with any of the @Community Owners and let us know.

-Contributed by @Treefrog

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Polarity Gaming Network Logo!


Here it is, our official community logo! When we sat down to design a logo, we wanted something represented the connection of the community in to all aspects of gaming and technology. Head on over to Discord and let us know what you think!

-Contributed by @Boktai

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Polarity Community Game Night!


Witches, arsonists, mafioso, serial killers and vampires were all out in full force as 14 members of our community streamed Town of Salem on the PolarityGN Twitch page (Polarity Gaming Network Twitch). Things got real with more than one BrockieBrock playing, (most of whom did not know how to spell their name), Tree turning on Frog and Pepe making an appearance!

We had such fun, we are planning another one!  Let us know what games you want to see or play!

-Contributed by @Treefrog

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Community Twitch News!

Polarity Gaming Network’s Social Media Master, ZyvxGaming, became a Twitch affiliate last month.  With a focus on multiplayer variety gaming and community building, you can expect shenanigans, conversation and sporadically, ships at sea.  Congratulations Zyvx!

Remember to let us know if you are a new partner or affiliate too!

Supported Streamer Program

Watch for news about the benefits and criteria next month!

-Contributed by @Boktai

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Anthem First Impression!

BioWare’s long awaited Anthem was fully released Friday, Feb 22nd. Anthem is an ARPG Third-Person Shooter-Looter in which you, a Freelancer, overcome challenges to save the human race by fighting in mech-suits called “Javelins”. The game offers immense customization to these Javelins, down to the material that makes up each individual part. Each of the four Javelins has its own arsenal, varying from elemental skills to explosive mortar bombs, and you can team up with up to three friends and tackle missions, dungeons, and expedition mode.

However, with full release came a plethora of positive/negative responses and emotions; and while the gameplay is stunning, it launched with a buffet of glitches and lack-luster content. BioWare has recently addressed issues with the release of multiple patches and a post launch road map. https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/acts

Despite the plaguing glitches, and massive undertaking on pc hardware, Anthem is still a beautiful action-adventure RPG, with fast paced combat and a vast amount of customization. It is unbelievably satisfying to play, whether you’re simply flying around with your squad, or in a 10 minute fire-fight against hordes of enemies. And while there are certain aspects of the game that can be very frustrating, and even infuriating at times, there is plenty of content to Anthem to keep you playing for hundreds of hours. Oh, and did I mention that the expansions are free?  If you are interested in joining the many community members playing Anthem today, add the self assignable role in discord, and jump in your Javelin.


-Contributed by @BrockieBrock

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Anthem Zero to Hero

If you haven’t played it yet, Anthem is a “min-maxing” looter shooter. In essence, the goal is to make your class, and your Javelin as strong as possible. That goal is accomplished through RNG loot drops.

This guide will take a player all the way to the endgame and discuss how to progress in the endgame. Apex is for players that love grinding for that juicy stat boost. It’s probably also a plus that you fly around in Iron Man-ish exo suits and kill hordes of enemies and giant monsters for your loot. But we don’t really care about that because we are here to learn how to get to grinding as fast as possible and enjoy the endgame.

Let’s start with pilot level. This is the “player” level;  it’s account wide, switching to a different class does not reset your level. Finish missions to get exp towards the pilot level. Get a lot of kills or complete objectives for even more exp. This is important because the power level of the loot that drops is based on a player’s pilot level. So the sooner the player gets to the max level or 30, the sooner they’ll be getting the best loot. Simple enough.The best way to level up is to just go through the story, do stuff, play on a comfortable difficulty for you, and enjoy the game.

The other “level” is gear level, in the forge, top right corner of the class customization page.  ‘Gear level’ is determined by how powerful the gear equipped is for the player class . Naturally gear level increases at a constant pace with a player’s pilot level as more powerful gear drops. From the first moment of the game to reach max level, players should be using the highest power gear possible. Doing this will allow  player to go through all missions and activities as quickly as possible because higher power gear is better than that gun you like to use 99% of the time.

Now you've hit lvl 30, finished the story, and don't know what to do? Well, my barely geared friend, this is where the real fun begins. Now the goal is simple: get as many masterwork and legendary (the 2 highest rarities) gear as possible to increase the character's strength . Start by playing hard difficulty aiming for a gear score of 390 - 400 by getting some masterwork weapons, the the rest of it at epic rarity.Once  that range is achieved, start going up in difficulty to grandmaster 1. Grandmaster 1 will be very difficult and frustrating at first . But I promise, you will get better at the game. Sometimes the answer is just to get okay loot until you get good loot.


All jokes aside,  players will probably be playing in gm1 until gear score reaches about 440 - 450. At this point, move on to gm2. If gm2 is too mean it’s ok to just stick with gm1 until equipped with better gear to get more masterworks or legendaries. In all loot based games, it's better to play activities that can be completed efficiently for loot until the character becomes powerful enough to run the next difficulty with ease. The process keeps going until you are playing gm3 like its nothing. And when you hit that milestone you have 2 options: keep playing on one class to replace all your masterworks with legendaries or switch to a different class and repeat the process until you have all the classes maxed out by your endgame standards.

-Contributed by @Alectts

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Apex First Impressions!

Respawn Entertainment, developer of the well received Titanfall series, astonished the gaming industry on February 4th, 2019 with the launch of Apex Legends. With no advertisement before launch, Apex took the gaming world by storm reaching 10 million players in 72 hours from release.


At first glance, Apex seemed like another Triple A company’s attempt at the cash cow that is the battle royale games. However, Apex takes battle royale mechanics from other games in the genre, while adding its own unique game mechanics without  feeling like another stale battle royale clone . One of the standout features is the stellar fast-paced gunplay and the silky smooth mobility that fans of the Titanfall series have fallen in love with.

Apex also adds a new mechanic that can relieve some of the stress players encounter playing battle royale games. When a player is killed, a teammate can grab their friend’s banner and head to a respawn station to revive the fallen teammate , removing the pain of watching your friends play for 20+ minutes or having to leave the game if you die early. Another key feature is the insane pinging/call out mechanic which would make any Battlefield player drool. The character choices and abilities tied to them provide fresh feel in the arena, from Lifelines care package, to Pathfinders Grappling hook, allowing for amazing WTF moments while playing. If you want to join in on the fun, download the game for free on EA’s Origin platform,  self assign the Apex role in Discord \ and drop in guns blazing.

-Contributed by @Zyvx

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